Sponsor Message


All sponsorships will include:

 -Logo placement on race flyer

- Logo placement on race website with hotlink to your company website

- Company promotional and/or literature for racer swag bags (if provided)

- Space in expo area near racer registration for your company tent or product demos

Sponsorship Areas:

The following openings will allow the opportunity to place banners and/or displays within safe limits in or near the area sponsored. These areas are identified as the highest spectator trafficked areas. Any area of full sponsorship will include title sponsor level and maximum exposure within the sponsor listing, on flyer, and during race coverage at the event.

Tent Sponsorship- 3 spaces:$800 each or $2000 full sponsor.

Flyover Sponsorship- 4 spaces: $100 each. $300 full sponsor.

Sand Pit Sponsorship- 2 spaces:$250 each. $400 full sponsor.

Barrier Zone Sponsorship- 4 spaces: $100 each. $300 full sponsor.

Expo Space Only- $150 for 20’x20’ space. 

I would be honored to have you on board and would hope that you would attend/race the race. Please

feel free to call me at: (224) 234-8004, or e-mail me, at: ted@theq-factor.com. Thank you very much in


Best regards,

Ted A. Schweitzer & Brendan Gecik 

Psycho Cross Promoters