If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you were at Psycho Cross After Dark, and/or Psycho Cross 2012, held last weekend, at The Golf Farm, in Wauconda, Illinois. Whether you were there as a racer, a volunteer, a spectator, a member of the incredible and amazing Mighty Double V (my nickname for the Verdigris-Village CX Team) or some combination of all of the above, I just want to sincerely thank you. Despite the fact that the day race is on a Saturday, I had the largest turnout that I have had yet and it seems to grow every year, at least a little bit. I think that with the addition of the sand, the mulch maze, a bit more technical and winding course, as well as The Bridge of Sighs Flyover, and the lightly rainy conditions, the course was the best yet. The racing was hard and yet it looked like it was a blast. I have not had one negative comment, so I have to assume it was a success. The officials were happy, the SRAM NRS mechanic Chris was cool, Amy the photographer will get me great photos to put up on a Flick'r site which I will post more of, as soon as I get them, the DJ on Friday night dug the atmosphere, and even the owner of The Golf Farm seemed to have no problem with the condition of the grass, post race. So, once again, if you were out there racing or just watching; if you were a sponsor, a spectator, a USA Cycling official, and/or a volunteer, I just really want to thank you for being part of the event. It is a huge undertaking, and it literally could not have happened without your participation. Thanks, Ted "T-Bone" Schweitzer.